Bulletproof Glasses

SİMarmored® :

Glass that challenge external threats

SİMarmored® in the SİMGLASS® product range, is a glass panel designed with high technology to protect public buildings, residences, commercial buildings, civil and military armored vehicles. It has been developed to withstand ballistic attacks and prolonged physical attacks. SİMGLASS® produces bullet resistant glass to be used in many areas from automotive to government offices, from VIP vehicles to residences, from military facilities to vehicles and to provide maximum safety. SİMarmored® glass panels meet the architectural and design requirements and also provide solutions to all security problems. Bullet resistant glasses produced by our company, comply with world norms and standards. SİMGLASS® has proven its competence in bullet resistant glass production with 12 certificates issued by international institutions for bullet resistant glasses.


Armored Glass Against Hand Attacks (EN 356)

It is a laminated glass solution developed against vandalism. It consists of multi-layer lamination of glass panels and multiple intermediate layers, to withstand intrusion, escape and manual attacks.

Bullet Resistant Glass (EN 1063) 

It is a bullet resistant laminated glass solution produced using lamination technology with multiple glass and thermoplastic interlayer that is resistant to all gun ammunition.

Explosion Resistant (EN 13541)

They are laminated glass solutions produced using lamination technology from special intermediate layers and glass layers that are resistant to explosion waves that can be created by various amounts of explosive materials. This highly engineered glass solution has the flexibility to stay inside its frame when it encounters a blast wave. 


  • It can be manufactured as flat and curved. 

  • It has outstanding optical quality resulting from precision manufacturing

  • We produce bullet resistant glass panels in our CNC machining center as grinded and bright. This application is not only aesthetically important, but also important in terms of the use of our bullet resistant glasses.

  • It can be produced using polycarbonate sheets, thus it is providing maximum safety with low thickness.

  • A wide variety of compositions and thickness combinations are available.

  • The edge band which is affixed to all edges of bullet resistant glasses with a special lamination method, protects armored glasses against chemical attack, moisture and water. Edge band application, extends the life of bulletproof glasses as well as increases their strength.

  • In line with customer demands, all flat and dot screen printing processes that provide visual integrity, are carried out. With armored vehicle windows, you can use your windows in armored way without spoiling the original visual and functions of your vehicle.

  • It can effectively dissolve icing and evaporation with hidden resistance glasses.

  • Glass and butyral layers can be used in color according to customer demands and desires.

  • The quality management system of SIMGLASS® is supported with the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. SİMGLASS® products are tested in governmental and independent laboratories in accordance with EN, UNE, BS and ASTM standards. SIMarmored® is tested in accordance with European standardsr BR-1NS, BR-2NS, BR-3NS, BR-4NS, BR-5NS, BR-6S, BR-6NS, BR-7S, BR-7NS, SG-1NS and SG-2NS, UNE-EN1063 and it has been certified by European organizations. Production can be made in accordance with UNE-EN13541 standards for ER-1, ER-2, ER-3 and ER-4 levels and with UNE-EN356 for P6B, P7B and P8B levels.