Curved and Flat Insulated Glasses


Curved and Flat Insulated Glasses

SİMGLASS® curved and flat tempered glasses are panels that contain dry air or gas suitable for ambient pressure between two or more curved or flat glass panels, hermetically sealed in a factory environment.

·        Heat insulation

·        Solar control

·        Noice Control

·        Safety and security

meets one or all of these requirements with three different series and additional features to be preferred.

Warm edge separators used by SİMGLASS® have the lowest Σλd- and Ψ values and consequently increase thermal performance in heating and cooling. Thermally insulated glass units reduce the risk of condensation and mold formation that can be experienced indoors in different climatic conditions. Hot edge separators can be shown as a high-quality new generation plastic with metallic diffusion barrier with exceptional stability, hardness, high thermal properties, excellent form, enhanced energy efficiency, excellent PSI values, UV resistance and optical appearance.

(WarmEdge) The advantages of insulated glasses with warm edges compared to other insulated glasses in the market are as follows;

·        High performance, high quality and new generation material

·        Up to 2 decibels reduction in sound insulation

·        Long-lasting, stable and hard

·        Perfect form providing perfect solutions in twisted applications

·        Excellent resistance to water vapor and Argon penetration

·        Very good thermal properties, reduction in condensation and mold growth indoors

·        Subjected to environmental condition test in the temperature range from -40 ° C to 85 ° C.

·        Provides up to 65% higher temperature in the inner edge compared to other parts.

·        Low conductivity compared to metal solutions

·        Very high UV resistant

·        Very good PSI values