Curved and Flat Laminated Glasses

SİMGLASS® Curved and Flat Laminated Glasses:

Laminated glass that combines experience and knowledge, giving confidence 

SİMGLASS® is a safety glass with a very special protective function, produced by using the strength properties provided by plastic technology products that combine curved and flat laminated glasses and glass panels. The different properties of laminated glass are due to the harmony and structure of glass and thermoplastic materials.

Laminated glasses classified according to their protective properties and usage areas, can provide the following functions.

  • Resistant to attacks by hand

  • Resistant to ejected objects

  • Bullet resistant

  • Explosion resistant

  • Nature condition resistant such as hurricane etc.

  • Compliance for pedestrian traffic in vehicles

  • Falling resistant

  • Sound control

  • Solar Control

Simarmored bullet resistant glasses produced by SİMGLASS® have been tested and certified according to EN 1063 and reaches Stanag Level 3 protection level, thus also protecting against heavily incendiary bullets.