Print and Painted Glass

SİMGLASS® Print and Painted Glass:

Safety glasses appealing to designers

Beauty arising from the dance of glass with art; printed and painted glass… The functionality of the glass can be increased by combining the functional properties of safety glass and paint. This is often found on a car window, sometimes on the direction board of a bus stop or on an advertising sign. Glass painting which increases the efficiency of using glasses in almost every area of ​​our lives, can be done using three different methods; silk screen printing, full surface roll printing and digital printing. The results to be obtained with each method are completely different from each other. The color range encompasses all shades imaginable and includes colors similar to the RAL range of colors.

It is possible to apply almost any color with SİMGLASS® printing and painted glasses. You can choose from painted safety glasses in all shades, including a similar range to RAL colors. We can use all of the dyes that permanently adhere to the surface of the glass during tempering at 600 °C in which the dye is used on the interface, or in which the dyes that can be applied after the processes.

Would you like your company's building facade to be exactly the same color as your company's logo? The SİMGLASS® product range makes this applicable.