Safety Glasses

SİMsafety® : 

There is no compromise on safety no matter how hard the production is.

Safety and quality is the number one priority of SİMGLASS®. All SİMsafety® safety glass products are produced by tempering toughen according to architectural demands and by laminating more than one glass panel with composite layers. We produce SİMsafety® safety glass products in sizes up to 2500 mm * 4800 mm and in high quality standards.

Heat toughening is part of the work done in SİMGLASS® during the production of tempered glass. Adhering to customer demands, we can produce tempered safety glasses with flat, curved, CNC process.

SİMGLASS® offers laminated safety glass panels at the highest quality with its long years of experience. We produce our glasses in clean room conditions with conditioned moisture and temperature by using vacuum and pressure techniques during the lamination process. Consequently, we provide long-lasting and high quality lamination without bubbles and contamination.

Multiple lamination of SİMsafety® safety glass can reach a maximum thickness of up to 120 mm. Produced to be extremely durable, these glasses can withstand high weights and even great forces. Thus, measures can be taken against social events such as explosion, earthquake, theft, vandalism and natural disaster risks. We make use of poly vinyl butyral, ioaplast, EVA and PCU layers, if desired for superior hardness and safety glass designs for load bearing capacity. For more information on meeting your specification, please contact our sales team. They will be happy to find solution in detail for your individual requirements.

SİMsafety® safety glass; It offers glass solutions for stairs, revolving doors, balustrades, ship windows, balconies and roofs.


  • It minimizes the risk of injury in accidents caused by people crashing the glass.

  • It provides security against impacts from outside. It prevents / delays entry in attacks and theft attempts made with tools such as stones and sticks. 

  • It contributes to sound insulation. 

  • It prevents the passage of ultraviolet (UV) rays by 97-99%, which is the reason for the fading of the colors of goods and fabrics. 

  • It is also used in heat glass units to provide thermal insulation as well as safety and security.

  • Effective heat control is provided with Low-E coated laminated glasses.

  • When the glass is broken, it is eliminating the risk of injury by breaking into small pieces that are not sharp.

  • Tempered glasses are resistant up to 5 times against spread loads compared to a non-tempered glass.​

  • Different colors can be used in glasses and lamination materials according to customer demands.

The quality management system of SIMGLASS® is supported by the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. SİMsafety® has been tested in accordance with EN1250 and EN12543-2 standards and certified by European organizations.