Decorative Glasses

With our machine park and experience in our company, we offer our customers a comprehensive portfolio that meets the highest visual standards.

Simdecorative® glasses provide the highest standards in decorative glass solutions with colored laminated applications, glass processing and painting techniques. Our products which are preferred in elite architectural projects and solutions, become solution partners to our customers with the detail solving capabilities of our technical staff.

SİMGLASS® produces laminated glass that can meet architectural design options. Laminated with glass of metal sheets, projection panels, opaque panels, ceramics, etc. are some of our product range. SİMGLASS® which can use many materials in laminated production with its production experience, offers the most appropriate answers to your functional decorative solutions.

Until today, curved and flat glass panels of many excellent hotels, hospitals and shopping mall projects, are produced by our company with various colors and embroidery (contact your customer representative for references)


  • It can be manufactured as flat and curved.

  • By using the Vanceva® Colors color chart, 600+ different colored solutions can be presented with colored Butyral layer options.

  • It can be used in decorative solutions by combining metal sheets, films that become opaque with a single button and ceramic layers with lamination technique.

  • Glasses can be colored in accordance with their usage areas by using paint and serigraphy printing techniques in line with customer desires and demands. This process can be applied on both laminated glasses and tempered glasses at the same time. 

  • With our CNC controlled processing machines, the visuality of the glass is at the highest level with the maximum processing quality.

  • Our lenses are of exceptional optical quality resulting from precision manufacturing.