Solar Control Safety Glasses

SİMGLASS® Solar Control Safety Glasses:

Comfort and safety are possible together

The use of glass in architectural solutions increases the comfort and peace of the users as well as design, elegance, thermal performance and safety. Architects and designers familiar with glass, integrate admirable glass solutions into their projects with the precision of a work of art, whether outdoors or inside buildings. SİMGLASS® solar control glass combines the safety and daylight control functions of glass. Solar control glass optimizes the interior climate and energy consumption of buildings and vehicles, while also allowing to meet security requirements. The right glass adds comfort to spaces with the use of natural light.


5.12.1 - UV Controlled Laminated Glass

One of the most important elements of modern design understanding, is the use of natural light. An effective daylight connects us to the outside world. But natural light also harbors harmful sunlight. UV controlled intermediate layers used by SİMGLASS protect our designs and spaces from the harmful rays of UV radiation. Conventional PVB interlayers are capable of 99% UV shielding up to 380 nm, while UV interlayer screens 99% up to 400 nm. UV interlayers are specially formulated to provide exceptional durability when exposed to natural weather conditions; natural and accelerated exposure tests have demonstrated exceptional color fastness, durability, and resistance to delamination when exposed to heat and moisture.

Saflex UV interlayers also provide all the advantages of safety glass, glass fragment enclosure, structural integrity, sound reduction, security and storm protection when used in appropriate configurations.

Museums, archives, galleries, restaurants, hotels, holiday villages, hospitals, nursery, libraries, smart glass applications, etc.

5.12.12 - Solar Controlled Laminated Glass

Efficient use of the sun and bright interiors can often bring discomfort as well as it is great. Since the solar PVB interlayers we use are products designed to increase solar heat gain performance compared to glass and traditional PVB laminated glass, it adds comfort to the space by absorbing infrared radiation if selected correctly. The ideal solar product should allow as much visible light transmission as possible while eliminating UV and NIR energy. We produce glasses that block harmful rays without sacrificing lightness.

There are two options in the Solar series belonging to Saflex as the solution partner of SİMGLASS in the supply of PVB interlayer material. Saflex Solar SG is our highest performance Solar PVB interlayer. Saflex Solar SH, on the other hand, has a more neutral appearance and can be laminated with annealed glass in some applications.

It is compatible with other PVB interlayers such as Solar PVB, Traditional PVB and Ultra Safe PVB, and with Vanceva® colored PVB systems.

Curved glass applications, low-reflection glasses, premium retail showrooms, exterior glass facades (especially in hot regions), digital signage.

Product Benefits;

▪ 0.65 Solar Heat Recovery Coefficient (SHGC)

▪ Visible Light Transmittance> 70%

▪ Suitable for curved glass applications

▪ Reduces angular color concerns

▪ Reduces external noise

▪ Compatible with the Vanceva® Color System